Hi! I'm Sanna, a lucky / busy illustrator etc, living in Helsinki, raised in Stockholm and born in Lapland! 

I draw, design, teach, bake, cook, write among other things. 

Currently I'm working on some children's books for spanish and swedish publishers. I also illustrate for some magazines regularly. At the moment you can spot my maps in Wall Street Journal, or my author portraits in Vi magazine.

 I am part of the Skidit art collective. We design artsy events and playful spaces.

My favourite things to design are posters....But also books for kids because they are the future! I do love to design book covers, expanding / experimenting with my style to bring out the tone and feel of the story. But crafting and decorating is fun too! 

 I share a big studio with other creatives in Vallila. I use a Wacom Cintiq and / or Procreate to draw. 

Sometimes I splash around with inks and markers too.