Hi! I'm Sanna, a designer + illustrator, living in Helsinki, raised in Stockholm and born in Lapland! 

Currently we're designing a playful exhibition for the Merkki museum together with our Skidit collective. 
I also illustrate for some magazines regularly. At the moment you might spot my maps in Wall Street Journal,
or my author portraits in Vi magazine. I am sketching on my own art book too, perhaps to be titled "TO DO"

My favourite things to design are posters. But also books for kids because they are the future! 
I design book covers expanding and experimenting with my style to bring out the tone and feel of the specific story.

 I share a big studio with other creatives in Vallila. I use Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq and a Huion kamvas. 

Sometimes I splash around with inks and markers too.

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