When I was a kid, we lived upstairs from our local library in Jakobsberg outside Stockholm. I could just take the elevator downstairs and go there to read without even putting my shoes on. I hung out there and read the Moomin books first in finnish, then swedish, then english, and when I learned some german I read them auf Deutsch. 
For me, the Moomin Valley is real and my spiritual home.
I keep finding the characters in my family, friends and myself. My son Ossi is Little My. My boyfriend is a weird mix of the Hobgoblin the Fillyjonk! I myself would identify as a Mymble. But on a overwhelmingly hectic day I ask myself “What would Moominmamman do?”
It has been awesome to collaborate with the japanese design company Kippis. Thinking that someone in Tokyo will put a treat in their wallet that I (magically together with Tove) have designed feels special!