When I was a kid, I loved a finnish childrens' song called "Känkkäränkkä" by Mikko Alatalo. It's about a little witch who makes kids cranky and do silly things like eat raisins BEFORE dinner! Now, I have always felt I have a little witch inside me – perhaps nowadays even a big one.

I wrote Min lilla häxa in swedish, simultaneously in finnish, and also drew everything and did the layout too. Multitasking galore! But that's how I roll I guess. 
The story is about Harry, who has a witch named Axe Rexona. 
They get into trouble. Axe Rexona disappears. There are some zombie seagulls out after ice cream.
I just sent this book to print, I hope it looks good and people like it!
You can get it in Finnish or Swedish at