As the art director / inhouse designer / Mama Princess DJ / decorator / concept planner among other things for the Skidit -collective, all sorts of images, props, spaces and designs are made almost everyday!
We always invite as many creatives as possible to join. We had some young dancers and a kids' choir performing with us at ours and Helsinki's New Year's disco (9000 people were there!). All our closest friends are at some point obliged to contribute in some way to our projects... We built the World's Smallest Disco (for max 1 person) out of cardboard, a cardboard indoor city, we ran a café for a couple of years, we arrange artsy discos and cruises and other events for families. 
The collective is always stretching and switching, including designers, deejays, decorators, musicians, composers, writers, rappers, dancers, singers, poets, handymen....
Maria Sann and Cajsa Holgersson are fellow designers who have borrowed their penmanship to Skidit. <3
Skidimarket is a play shop made of cardboard! The first franchise, a pop-up shop in Hakaniemi market hall. It had all sorts of random made-up products like Miau Muona and Pomo tomato jam.

In spring 2024 a new shop opened, with more organic produce and a frozen section too! 
We hope to expand the chain further this year.